Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd. provides skilled Training & Certifications to upcoming local youths under the various government schemes, if they are made available to Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd..

In case, the Government schemes for certain Device Servicing Training is not available, then Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd. ties up with Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Companies & other Device Manufacturing Companies to understand their product devices at their factory locations by developing master trainers with them. These master trainers, then train the local youth in local district and sub-districts to become expert service engineers accredited with OEMs approval and certifications to service their products.

Apart from this, the Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd. Regional Partner Franchisees (Platinum & Gold, Silver) also play an important role in maintaining a staff of experienced and certified service engineers which always are ready to learn, adapt and grow in maturity on the various servicing aspects of devices that Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd. cater to.

Some of the salient features of training imparted through Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd. for various devices at their Platinum & Gold Franchisee Training Center includes:

  • System-level Device information
  • Physical Descriptions information
  • Functional Descriptions information
  • Troubleshooting [ Level1(L1), Level-2 (L2) & Level-3 (L3) ]
  • Preventive Maintenance (Procedures and Schedules)
  • Corrective Maintenance (Repair Requirements)
  • Spare Parts Lists ( L1, L2 & L3 Classification)
  • Operation-/Maintenance-Significant Drawings
  • Equipment-specific O&M information, organized into a vendor/manufacturer data library

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