We are presenting to our clients the best quality services through a network of highly trained service engineers, which we ourselves groom by training under the skill development programmes accredited and approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) & Government Institutions.

We serve comprehensive and non-comprehensive annual maintenance services of device for verticals that cater to transport, healthcare, security, surveillance, entertainment, telecom, banking, finance, agriculture, environment & various other verticals. Our service reach has a network coverage that spreads across every Indian city with presence in major states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar-Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, West Bengal. etc.,

Transport Devices Services
“Transport Device Services - Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETM), Vehicle Tracking Devices (VTD), e-Vehicle Battery Charging Stations”
Banking Finance Devices Services
“Banking Finance Device Services – Point of Sales (POS), Kiosk, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Desktop Personnel Computers, iPads, Laptops, Servers”
Smartcity Devices Services
“Smart City Services – Commercial Battery Charging Stations for e-Vehicles, Electrical & Energy Meters, Weather Stations, Healthcare Devices, Solar Devices, Waste Disposal & all Green Energy enhancing Devices”
Security Survelliance Services
“Security & Surveillance Device Services – Camera, Connectivity, Infrastructure & Networking Devices”
Entertainment Retail Services
“Entertainment & Retail Device Services – Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs), Projectors, Theater Equipment, Mobile, Public Distribution Service(PDS) Devices, Cash Registers, POS & Advanced Payment Gateway Machines”
Medical Devices Services
“Medical Device Services – Health Monitoring Devices, Telemedicine Devices, ElectroCardioGraphs (ECGs), Biochemistry Testing Devices, Intensive Care Units (ICU) Devices & Digital X-ray Machines, Gymn & Sports Devices”

Why Us

As the Indian economy is growing at rapid pace, there is an emerging need for the use of smart devices of various types and classifications that are used in smart cities and smart villages for operating as a back bone of each and every sector. Since these devices are used in huge numbers and their is a complexity of managing them with a cost effective or efficient perspective. After these devices complete their warranty and guarantee period, there is a constant need to address the maintenance and support for the devices at local level post their warranty & expiry. Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd. not only ensures to provide the services for the devices in the warranty and guarantee period but also provides their extended service through the life cycle of the devices.

Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd. also provides its services to the OEMs and Manufacturing Companies, who in their Warranty and Guarantee periods require an outsourced serving partner to caterer to huge customer base of theirs to whom they have sold their devices in mass numbers and the OEM and Manufacturing are not in position to provide their Service help at the Geo locations due to the remoteness or un-ability of them to invest on custtomer service cost or where they feel that they incurr a high cost for them to operate. It is at this juncture where Sarvatantra DeviceAMC Pvt. Ltd. shakes hands with OEMs and Device Manufacturer to work out an win-win solution for all the stake holderds including the end customers of OEMs and Device Manufacturers.

Our Strength

  • Service Delivery on schedule,
  • Prompt response, On Call basis.
  • Stocking Capability for Spares and Consumables
  • Association with leading clients
  • Professionally Operated Service Centers
  • Continuous Training & Certification Practices
  • Team of Process Oriented Professionals
  • Grainular reach to last mile Clients
  • Wide distribution with Channel Partners
  • Transparent business practices
  • Sustainable environment
  • Multiple modes of payment

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